2017 Trailblazers’ President




Welcome to our new President, Mary Sullivan.  

Mary is a part time resident of Vermont, maintaining her home in New Jersey.  She has been an active member of the Trailblazers for several years, always lending a hand wherever and whenever it is needed.  Mary is an avid golfer, loves to travel, ski and snowshoe.  We will benefit from Mary’s leadership this year.  She and the Board will work tirelessly for the club and we can look forward to an exciting, successful year.

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News About Dues

There seems to be some confusion as to when dues are paid.  Here is the answer.  The Fall Festival Activities are included in the 2016-17 dues year. Dues for the 2017-18 season are due and payable after 10-1-2017.  Please do not pay before October 1.  The data base will be reset on September 25, 2017. At that time all members are set back to must renew before you can sign up for activities.  The only exception is a New member who has joined for the first time in the last 3 months of our year, or July, August, or September .  This is a one time only waiver.  (We know who you are.)  If you renewed your membership in October 2016, they are due October 2017.  If you renewed in January, February, March,  or anytime after, they are due October 2017.  If you get a “must renew before sign up” message before signing up for the Fall Festivities, it means you haven’t renewed for the 2016-17 season.  We hope this clears up any confusion and will make it infinitely easier on our bookkeeping. To report any discrepancies or for more information please use info@strattontrailblazers.com


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