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Wouldn’t this be more fun with friends?

Wouldn't this be more fun with friends?

What’s the opposite of a snowbird?

More fun with friends!

WOW at Sunbowl

This is MORE FUN with Friends!

Fall Festival 2017 Golf



11:30 am - 4:30 pm


Bookings closed


Tater Hill Golf Club
6802 Popple Dungeon Rd., Chester, Vermont, 05143

Event Type

Golf will be at the Tater Hill Golf Club in Chester, VT.  Tee time start at 12:00. Prizes will be awarded at the cocktail party. Golf fee includes Golf only.  Please register separately for the cocktail party.  This is an open event for members, their guests and potential members.  All may register for the same fee.  Online registrations will close on 9-4-17.  Potential members without access to the website may send a request to

6802 Popple Dungeon Rd.

Chester VT 05143



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