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Wouldn’t this be more fun with friends?

Wouldn't this be more fun with friends?

What’s the opposite of a snowbird?

More fun with friends!

WOW at Sunbowl

This is MORE FUN with Friends!

Opening Cocktail Party 2018/19 at Landgrove Inn



5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Bookings closed


Landgrove Inn
132 Landgrove Rd, Landgrove, VT

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Welcome back!  A new season-old friends and new friends. A fresh start for the ski season before the hectic Holiday season is in full swing.  $25.00 per person, tax and tip included, Cocktail Party only. CASH BAR.  A price fixed 3 course dinner will be available for those attending the cocktail party. Dinner will require a separate reservation directly with the Landgrove Inn.  Call 802-824-6673.  Dinner only will be $32.00 PLUS tax and tip.  Be sure your 2018/19 dues are paid before booking this event.

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