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Wouldn’t this be more fun with friends?

Wouldn't this be more fun with friends?

What’s the opposite of a snowbird?

More fun with friends!

WOW at Sunbowl

This is MORE FUN with Friends!

Membership Update – October 2022

UPDATE October 2022

We are within sight of the start ing line of the the 2022-23  season! Based upon what we are hearing and seeing around Stratton, we are preparing for a good ski year

The board has been working to reinstate many of the pre-covid activities and events.  Below is a brief update of what’s going on.


Piper Ridge has once again opened it’s doors on the first Friday of January through March.

We are also hopeful to schedule a mid-week Apres Ski at Slopeside in March 


Both men and women will be meeting at 9:45.  

Women on Wednesday (WOW) will be hosted by Jennifer Lane.  They will divide into groups for morning skiing and then meet for lunch.

All others (women included if they like) will meet at the same time to divide up and ski. The FAST GROUP got a little crazy last year so we might need to tone it down a notch or two.

Feel free to bring a 50+ friend!

DAILY SKI GROUPS – Monday thru Friday 9:30.  Meet outside Main Lodge to split into groups!  Look for P.L. and Al.  All are welcome.

Sunbowl Tailgates

Our first on snow tailgate  at the Sunbowl picnic was a success. The weather cooperated nicely.We will book a few brown bag tailgate lunch meetings again this  year where you can ski or drive in.  In the event of uncooperative weather we will meet upstairs in the Sunbowl Lodge.

Bear Creek Fire Pit Apps and alcohol is also on our list.

Watch for dates on the events calendar!

Restaurant Nights
 Landgrove Inn is confirmed for March 12.

 We are working to line up a few others including Ye Olde Tavern, Chante Clair, and The Round House.  If your favorite is not included, please let us know!

 We will also offer several places where we will show up informally for dinner/apps/drinks.  This includes The Green Door, The Black Magic Pub, 

Ski Clinics/Mountain Masters 

We have received good feedback from members who signed up.  If you want to learn from the best and step up your game,  See Stratton Mountain Masters  for more info!

SUNDAY RIVER TRIP – February 13-17 Ski in Ski out accommodations.  Group dinner and cocktails.  See Paula Zimmer for details.


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