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More fun with friends!

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This is MORE FUN with Friends!

Jackman Gilfoil

Ski Groups are Coming


The official start of 50 plus club ski groups is January 1. There are several groups to choose from. There are no signs or banners to identify the groups. You should be able to recognize them.

Women on Wednesday – Meet at the bottom of Amex at 9:45. They split into at least two groups. (Faster and EZ does it). Jennifer Lane is the contact person.

Men – Moderate pace – No designated leader.

EZ does it (green trails) meets at 9:45 at Amex on Wednesday and Friday. Look for P.L. Puri or Al.

Fast And Furious – Ski the entire upper mountain! Meet in Amex line to get on first chair. Look for Rick S (lime green jacket). Ask anyone in line if you don’t immediately recognize us!

The Mountain Master Group meets on Tuesday and Thursday. They split into groups and offer instruction along the way. Contact the ski school for cost and more details!

Feel free to reach out to JackMan (413)530-6403 if you have a question!

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